image of mouria
In its infant years this building named at the time "the black cat" welcomed people of the highest statute in the village. Captains from around the Mediterranean Sea have probably shared a drink or two with locals of the 1940's a good few times! In the 1960's it was the bus station and a typical Cretan "kafeneion" with blue chairs and tables. In the 1990 the two sons of this kafeneion's owner took over and created with a lot of love and devotion, this very important to Paleochora's social life, meeting place.
Named after the nickname of the older son "Saint", it is proud to have offered and continue to offer some of the most memorable nights in very very, many people's lives.
This place will become whatever you want it to become. A morning coffee on the corner table watching everyone buzzing around town, a quiet ice cold beer in the hot sun before or after a swim, an early glass of wine before dinner or all night mouthwatering cheeky cocktails!
agios - External view of the bar - door